‘Spring’ into savings with these must-have seasonal items!

Spring is finally here! With sunny skies and warmer temperatures just around the corner, consumers will be out and about more frequently, and according to recent findings, ready to spend.

Despite experiencing unprecedented rates of inflation, Americans are spending more than ever. The United States Department of Commerce found that personal spending rose 1.8% in January of 2023. Moreover, spending on consumer goods in particular during the same period increased by 2.8%. Because spending slows in the colder months and accelerates in the warmer months, this past winter has been highly unusual for the American economy. Nonetheless, these trends are clearly stirring up some excitement for spring spending.

Weather has been proven to affect consumers’ purchase method, mood and product choice. By understanding these tendencies, retailers can more effectively “market products at the most profitable time and in the most impactful way,” says an AccuWeather report. Businesses that arm themselves with this knowledge will “gain a real competitive edge.”

A 2010 study by Kyle B. Murray that examined the effect of weather on consumer spending “revealed that exposure to sunlight dramatically increased levels of consumption as well as the amount spent per item.” For instance, one experiment from the study showed that consumers would willingly pay 37% more for green tea after being exposed to sunlight.

Therefore, as spending grows and the spring weather rapidly approaches, retailers can expect to see an uptick in store traffic and sales. To maximize the benefits of weather-based consumer spending, such retailers can stock up on spring-focused products.

Premium Cigar Trends

The premium cigar category is perhaps one of the best examples of weather-influenced spending. As the weather becomes more moderate, premium cigar programs become more lucrative. In the spring, sporting events, celebrations and special outings are moved outdoors, thus creating the environment for cigar culture to thrive.

For retailers looking to enter the premium cigar category or expand their current offerings, be sure to inquire about bestsellers. For example, the mild and sweet Baccarat Rothschild box of 25 by Davidoff is a crowd favorite that won’t break the bank. Also from Davidoff, Camacho Connecticut Robusto cigars bring a hearty, well-balanced and bold flavor into the store’s product mix. Contained in a box of 20 tubos, the cigars will remain protected and well-merchandised. For a more full-bodied flavor, retailers can add My Father The Judge Toro 23 count box, and for a darker, richer blend, retailers cannot go wrong with the acclaimed Drew Estate Acid Kuba Kuba Maduro box of 24. You can find these and more premium cigar options in the Tobacco section!

ACID Kuba Kuba Maduro
Camacho Connecticut
BIC MLB Lighters

It’s official – baseball is back! Fans across the country will be tuning in and heading to games to support their favorite team. To celebrate the return of America’s pastime, BIC produces their annual MLB lighters. These fully licensed lighters are a fun way to add timely and relevant merchandise to the store, helping to make the shopping experience more engaging for customers. Additionally, the trays can easily be displayed on and near countertops to secure impulse and incremental sales. You can find the BIC MLB lighters in the tobacco section!

Red Sox BIC
Yankees BIC
Kinder Joy

While Halloween and Valentine’s Day are often viewed as the most candy-centric holidays, Easter does not trail too far behind. From Easter baskets to chocolate bunnies to egg hunt prizes, opportunities to maximize Easter spending are endless. With all those options, it can be challenging to find the right items for convenience. However, Kinder Joy eggs are a top pick! These egg-shaped chocolate treats come with a surprise toy inside. Because of its features, the Kinder Joy egg is a perfect match for the Easter holiday. Furthermore, the single serve packaging makes Kinder Joy a space-efficient strategy to bring the spring season into the store. You can find Kinder Joy and Kinder Joy Variety deals in the Confection section!

Kinder Joy Eggs Variety With Toy

April 22 is Earth Day. This special holiday raises awareness about the critical need for environmental conservation. One of the best ways the convenience industry can champion important causes like these is by offering products that are sourced responsibly and give back in some way. By including these products in-store, retailers can give businesses that are prioritizing planetary health a platform to succeed. If that wasn’t reason enough to get in on the Earth Day celebration, retailers can cater to their Gen Z and millennial customer base by carrying products from companies like these.

One of the more recognizable brands that began leading the eco-conscious snack movement was KIND Snacks. Introduced in 2004, KIND bars were not only the first brand to use only whole nuts and real fruit as their ingredients, but they were also the first to center their mission around being “kinder to our bodies,” “kinder to our communities” and “kinder to our planet,” according to the KIND website. KIND’s production processes include cutting water usage through irrigation innovations, utilizing renewable energies and sourcing from strictly bee-friendly farmland. Likewise, KIND is aiming to convert all packaging to 100% recyclable, reusable and compostable materials by 2025 to reduce single-use plastic consumption. By maintaining the belief that healthy nutrition goes hand in hand with a healthy planet, KIND is shaping the functional and eco-friendly snacking marketplace. You can find KIND deals in the Healthier For You section!

KIND Dark Chocolate Cherry Cashew
KIND Caramel Almond
Lil Drug VPP Allergy Proprietary Sinus
Allergy Sinus Relief

Although spring fever has ended, hay fever is just beginning. In 2021, 81 million people in the U.S. were diagnosed with seasonal allergies. Allergic reactions can occur quickly, and for the millions of consumers that are on the move, there is simply no time to stop at the pharmacy for allergy medication. Lil’ Drug Store Allergy Sinus Relief is a c-store-sized version of top allergy treatments that combine nasal decongestants and antihistamines. Now, those experiencing allergy symptoms can find relief while getting gas or picking up their morning coffee without having to go out of their way. You can find deals on Lil’ Drug Store Allergy Sinus Relief in the Health and Beauty section! Note that product styles may vary.

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