Vape + Oral Nicotine

Diversify Your Offering

Vape products are on the rise, National Convenience Distributors keeps our partners ahead of the curve.  Let our consultants help you choose your vape offering and narrow down which brands to carry.  Our services aid our customers in reaching a wider audience, and in turn, increasing their profit.

Did you know that the FDA has now approved a handful of e-cigarettes and are the only ones approved to be sold in the US? To see the full list, click here. NCD carries many of these SKUs.


“The global vapor market is expanding rapidly, primarily due to innovative closed systems, and is expected to cross $43 billion by 2023”

R.J. Reynolds


Vapor products are electronic nicotine delivery systems that heat liquids to create inhalable vapor. We are committed to exceeding the expectations of your adult tobacco consumers by offering innovative, enjoyable alternatives to traditional smokeless tobacco products.

We offer a wide variety of smokeless tobacco products, contact us to learn more!


Oral nicotine pouches are similar to smokeless tobacco products like snus, but without the tobacco. They are marketed as a nicotine product that provides a buzz without the harmful effects of tobacco or smoking.


We offer a wide variety of Oral Nicotine products, contact us to learn more!

“We now estimate the global market for nicotine pouches in 2025 will have eightfold compared with 2019, to 1.1 billion boxes”