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Start With A Solid Foundation

The merchandising team at National Convenience Distributors is committed to helping our independent and chain convenience store partners grow. No matter the project size, our team is on the road to serve you. Armed with data and strategy, we personally support each partner in locating, building, designing, training, and marketing the ideal c-store.


Eye For Aesthetic

We’re here for you through every step of the store design and merchandising process. Our team of experts can assist customers by spearheading custom layout, selecting construction partners and ensuring completion, establishing vendor relationships, finding the right point-of-sale system, hiring and training staff, and providing marketing services to solidify customer success.

Store design and merchandising
Store Planning


We begin with a consultation to assess our customers’ needs. Whether the c-store is starting from scratch or in need of a refresh, National Convenience Distributors crafts a personalized blueprint and obtains precise measurements to maximize space and safety. Our team’s guidance will ensure the most effective design to achieve optimal profitability.


National Convenience Distributor’s team connects our c-store partner with suppliers for necessary fixturing, display racks, and other equipment. If machinery is required for food service programs, the merchandising and store design team will work closely with the food service team to execute our customers’ vision.

Store Buildout
Stocking shelves of a convenience store

Finishing Touches

Following the building process, we perform strategic product placement based on custom plan-o-grams. Our innovative merchandising and design services will produce a welcoming, clean, and organized store layout that is likely to create a memorable and functional shopping experience for consumers. Partnering with us allows for a cohesive, attractive, and engaging aesthetic that meets the demands of the evolving retail market and drives sales.