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A Century of Family

National Convenience Distributors has delivered premium quality products and services for more than 100 years. Built from small family businesses, our fabric is deeply rooted in our humble beginnings.

Through strategic partnerships and trust, we have grown into a single powerful company— without compromising our values.


J. Polep Founded

J. Polep was formed as the Polep Tobacco Company in Salem, Massachusetts.


Allen Brothers Founded

Allen Brothers was created by John J. Allen with a horse and buggy in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.



Polep Tobacco moves to its current facility in Chicopee, Massachusetts.


The Berro Family's Early Beginnings

Ed and Rita Berro and Barry Feldman begin selling general merchandise from the trunk of their car and their walk-up apartment in Brooklyn, New York.


Harold Levinson Associates

Ed, Rita, and Barry, acquire Harold Levinson Associates and hire their first employee in a Brooklyn storefront.


Polep Tobacco Company Sells

Polep Tobacco Company is bought by Trade Development Corp.


Polep Tobacco Company Reclaimed

Jeff Polep reacquires Polep Tobacco as J. Polep Distribution Company in an effort to uphold the generational business.


Allen Brothers Leadership Transformation

Jeff Allen becomes the third-generation president of Allen Brothers Wholesale Distribution.


New Facility

Harold Levinson Associates moves to its current 600,000 square foot facility in Farmingdale, New York.


First Proprietary Brand

J. Polep opens Rachael's Food Corp., a food service program that supplies c-store partners with handmade sandwiches, wraps, and salads.


A Century of Service

Allen Brothers celebrates its 100th Anniversary.


Proprietary Brand Expansion

Harold Levinson Associates launches Island Coffee, a full-service beverage program that stocks our c-store partners with countless pre-ground coffee, whole bean-to-cup, and flavored coffee options, as well as a variety of teas, sweeteners, creamers, paper goods, machinery, racks, and baked goods.


Uncle Ed's Pantry

Harold Levinson Associates introduces another proprietary brand, Uncle Ed's Pantry, which features grab-and-go healthy snacks and baked goods.


National Convenience Distributors

Palm Beach Capital establishes NCD by combining Allen Brothers, Harold Levinson Associates, and J. Polep.


Mighty Sweet Growth

National Convenience Distributors develops Mighty Chicken, another proprietary foodservice brand that provides our c-stores with fresh fried chicken meals and related supplies. NCD also adds Wustefeld Candy, an Albany, New York-based wholesale distributor, to the divisional lineup.


Century Joins the Family

NCD acquires one of the Mid-Atlantic region's largest full-line wholesale convenience and grocery distributors, Century Distributors as the Rockville Distribution Center.


COLONIAL Joins the Family

NCD acquires one of the Southeast region’s largest full-line wholesale distributors to the convenience and grocery store industries, Colonial Distributors expanding NCD’s geographical reach along the east coast from Maine to Florida. Colonial Distributors will be known as NCD's Tampa Distribution Center.