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Allen Brothers Wholesale Distribution

Joined March 2020

John J. Allen founded Allen Brothers Wholesale Distribution in 1910 in Northeast Philadelphia from a horse-and-buggy. Since then, Allen Brothers has stayed in the family for more than a century and has grown to be one of the largest convenience store distributors in the nation, offering top-of-the-line products, technology, and services. In 2020, Allen Brothers joined National Convenience Distributors.

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Century Distributors

Joined December 2021

Century Distributors, located in Rockville, Maryland, was founded in 1976 and has remained family-owned and operated for over forty years. In 2021, Century joined the National Convenience Distributors family, helping NCD to expand to Virginia and Maryland.

Harold Levinson Associates

Joined September 2015

In 1977, Ed and Rita Berro and Barry Feldman began selling general merchandise from the trunk of their car in Brooklyn, New York. Their American Dream turned into reality when they moved into a storefront and acquired Harold Levinson Associates in 1980. Harold Levinson Associates teamed up with National Convenience Distributors in 2020 to form the fourth largest convenience store distributor in the country.

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J. Polep Distribution

Joined September 2019

Charles Polep founded the Polep Tobacco Company in 1898 in Salem, Massachusetts. As Polep Tobacco Company combined with other businesses, its products and services diversified. The company evolved into J. Polep Distribution Services and relocated to Chicopee, Massachusetts, in 1973. In 2020, J. Polep was added to the National Convenience Distributors roster, continuing to demonstrate their outstanding commitment to their customers.

Wustefeld Candy

Joined January 2021

In the late 1800s, the Albany, New York-based Wustefeld Candy was born from a local family. Over time, Wustefeld grew to be one of the nation’s leading convenience store distributors. After partnering with National Convenience Distributors in 2021, Wustefeld Candy has increased its product offerings and resources, while still delivering the same exceptional service its customers have come to know for over a century.

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Colonial Distributions

Joined July 2023

Colonial Distributing was established in 1998 by Yasin Saad. Prior to its inception, the company was a smaller conglomerate known as Kolonial Wholesale. It was known as one of the leading C-Store Distributors in the state of Florida. Colonial specializes in grocery items that includes beverage, candy, cigarettes, cigars, HBC and automotive. Servicing over 5,000 retail location with over 5,000 products and two active Cash & Carry locations.