By Maggie Gioia

It’s officially the first day of winter! Though cheery images of sledding, snowball fights and skiing may initially come to mind, the reality of a Northeast winter isn’t nearly as exciting. Instead, wintertime is more of a shoveling, heating up your car, wearing a ridiculous amount of layers type-season. Nonetheless, National Convenience Distributors’ partnership with Highline Warren is helping to make this winter a bit more bearable with a quality line of automotive snow gear.


During extreme temperatures, antifreeze is pumped throughout the engine block to regulate the temperature, ensure safety and maintain proper function. Oftentimes drivers will find themselves low on antifreeze when their engine begins to overheat.

In winter, when temperatures drop, there is an increase in the demand for antifreeze. Most vehicle operators will find themselves in need of antifreeze while driving, and so they have to act fast. Because the majority of convenience stores are found on well-traveled roadways as well as at gas and car service stations, retailers will include antifreeze in their automotive offerings.

With several gallon-sized options from Polar and Prestone to choose from, be sure to stock up on antifreeze products.

Polar Antifreeze
Prestone Antifreeze


It’s happened to the best of us. You’re already running late to work, you step outside, and you are immediately flung into a panic when your car looks as if it has undergone an Arctic deep freeze. There simply is not enough time for it to defrost, but it’s unsafe to operate if you don’t. The Polar 12-ounce De-Icer Spray is a game-changer for these stressful situations. Not only will it quickly melt the ice off windows and windshield wipers, it also will unfreeze locks and door handles.

This product is too good to pass up when in-store. Place them near snow scrapers to expand your snow offerings and capture impulse buys!

Polar De-Icer

Snowbrush and Scraper Combos

When winter ends, drivers are happy to throw their snowbrush and ice scraper in the garage for storage. But when that first sudden snow hits the following winter, they’ll find themselves unprepared and stopping at the nearest gas station for some assistance. As a result, the combination snowbrush and ice scraper tools are bestsellers during the winter months.

C-stores can cater to all drivers by offering different size options. Drivers who own SUV’s, trucks and crossovers will find the 26-inch tool to be most useful, while sedan owners will find the 16-inch scrapers to work best.

Whether the driver’s old brush is looking a little ratty, or they’re just in a jam with a snowstorm rolling in, snowbrushes and scrapers are a hallmark convenience store item.

16 Inch Snow Brush
26 Inch Snow Brush

By making these items accessible, convenience stores can keep roads and vehicles safe, while simultaneously turning a profit.


**The above item recommendations are intended for New England customers. Product styles may vary. Be sure to inquire with your sales representative for more information.