By Maggie Gioia | Marketing Coordinator

Summer means consumers are heading outdoors, but what are summer outdoor activities without the foods and games that make them so special?

We’re summing up the best products to help you step into summer!

Summer Steals
The Iconic Summer Snack

80% of consumers intend on participating in outdoor activities, with 84% agreeing that “summer snacks are a staple of the season,” according to Frito-Lay’s 2021 Snack Index.

S’mores are a quintessential summer treat. There is something about sitting under the stars in the fresh air around the warm glow of a fire, laughing and chatting with loved ones that makes summer that much sweeter. S’mores undoubtedly bring everyone together.

In 2020, the Hershey Company found that their classic six-pack of milk chocolate — the key ingredient to s’mores — experienced a 30% growth rate, or an increase of $70 million, which outpaced the growth of their consumer-packaged goods peers overall.

In addition, Hershey’s study examined the expansion of the demand for s’mores as a result of the pandemic. While they concluded that the experience of s’mores restored a sense of normalcy and comfort without risking safety, they also discovered that in the summer of 2021, 80% of households with children planned to make s’mores, 60% of all consumers planned to make s’mores and that 26% of consumers will make s’mores more frequently.

As we enter the summer of 2022, s’mores continue to be a timeless favorite. But s’mores would not be possible without the flames of the fire, the crunch of toasty graham crackers and the melt of gooey marshmallows!

Complete your s’mores ingredients with Oak Mountain Firewood, Honey Maid Graham Crackers and Jet-Puffed Marshmallows. National Convenience Distributors supplies all the items you need to assemble your s’mores station!


Wiffle Ball
Baseball Season

Or Wiffle Ball season, that is. Forget cornhole and Spike Ball, Wiffle Ball has been a mainstay of the American summer since 1957. Found in garages and sheds everywhere, the game is a similar and lightweight version of baseball that makes America’s pastime accessible from anywhere and the perfect addition to backyard barbeques, park picnics, beach days and — of course — s’mores.

Every summer outdoor event is incomplete without lawn games. As consumers host or attend outdoor events this summer, adding Wiffle Ball to the front of your store can secure impulse buys. Enhance your summer lineup with our Wiffle Ball sets!


Sunglasses are a non-negotiable in the summer. In 2021, consumers spent an average of 14 hours per week outside, therefore increasing sun exposure. Because the sun’s rays are much stronger from June to September, sunglasses can aid in the prevention of eye damage from UV light and in the reduction of glare and squinting. Nonetheless, they are also a typical component of summer fashion.

Including a visual variety of products can peak consumer interest, thus placing sunglasses close to the entrance of your store or near the checkout counter can inspire consumers to pick up a pair as they hit the road and head outside.

NCD carries NYS Collection Eyewear and other sunglasses brands, which feature an array of “built to last” styles and display options to best fit your needs!

“The warm weather draws everyone outside and into the sun to play their favorite sports or relax with their family and friends. Our c-stores can benefit from this by providing the items people are looking for on the go,” said Maggie Santos, a buyer for NCD.

‘Summerize’ your store to drive results and diversify your offerings!


Interested in other summer items? We distribute sunscreen for beach days, live bait for fishing, coolers and charcoal for summer barbeques and so much more!