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Ice Cream
Celebrate National Ice Cream Month With Our Novelty Program

Did you know that ice cream is the top dessert choice of consumers? Although ice cream is certainly tasty all year long, the month of July is dedicated to the frozen treat. Ensure your customers have a wide variety to choose from by working with your sales consultant to develop a profitable novelty ice cream program. Discover our extensive options in the Foodservice section of our Insider, or here!

Automotive Care

Summer means more road trips! A Spring 2022 study found that roughly 80% of Americans planned to take a road trip in the summer – making road trips the most popular way to travel over the next few months. Of course a road trip wouldn’t be a road trip without stopping for gas, and maybe a few snacks too. But gas and snacks are just as important as automotive safety, especially when flat tires, fender benders and other mishaps often happen when you least expect them. C-stores are typically the only resource when out on the road, so whether customers are specifically searching for automotive care or they are in-store to make other purchases, help them prepare for their road trip with Lil’ Drug Store’s tire repair kit, tire gauges, tie-downs, duct tape and more. You can find these items in the Auto section of the Insider!

Summer Road Trip
Celebrate National Grilling Month With Our Roller Grill Program and BBQ Essentials

July is National Grilling Month, with National Hot Dog Day falling on July 19! Summer is nothing without a backyard barbecue. Consumers will likely be running around the corner to pick-up last-minute items like charcoal or extra condiments. Help your customers fire up the grill by supplying them with products from Kingsford Charcoal and toppings from Kraft-Heinz. Explore
your options in the General Merch and Grocery sections!

However, for customers looking for a quick and satisfying snack, National Grilling Month is the perfect time to get started with our Roller Grill Program, which includes hot dogs and other grill items, as well as condiments and equipment. Learn more
in the Foodservice section of the Insider!

Bottled Water

It’s no secret that we need to drink more water in the summer. Hydration is vital to bodily function, and as temperatures increase, proper water intake becomes even more integral in regulating the body. As consumers move away from sugary beverages and instead seek out better-for-you options for on-the-go, water bottle sales have skyrocketed, particularly innovation and specialty waters that possess even greater health benefits. According to a survey conducted on behalf of the International Bottled Water Association by The Harris Poll, nine out of ten Americans want bottled water to be available wherever other drinks are sold. With the summer months finally here, convenience stores can cash in on the high demand for bottled water. Check out our bottled water and specialty water deals from Perfect Hydration, AC + ION, Poland Spring, Origin and Deer Park in the Beverage section of the Insider!

Bottled Water
National Sour Candy Day Uncle Ed's
Celebrate National Sour Candy Day With Classic Confections

July 18 is National Sour Candy Day! Colorful confections and fruity flavors tend to shine best in the summer. What better way to expand your summertime sweets offerings than by stocking up on customer-favorite sour candies? Celebrate the holiday with deals on our proprietary brand, Uncle Ed’s Pantry, as well as on Jolly Ranchers, Skittles and Starburst! Find these bestsellers in the Confection section of the Insider, or here!

Celebrate National Fried Chicken Day With Mighty Chicken

One of our favorite days of the year is here! National Fried Chicken Day is July 6 and we’re celebrating with our proprietary foodservice program, Mighty Chicken! From chicken sandwiches to wings and quesadillas, Mighty Chicken elevates the c-store experience for consumers by providing fresh, quality comfort foods. Find more details about the program in the Foodservice
section, or here!

And keep an eye on your inbox for an invitation to join our Mighty Chicken Mascot Naming Contest – enter for a chance to win money off the program!

National Fried Chicken Day Mighty Chicken

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