By Maggie Gioia | Marketing Coordinator

National Convenience Distributors is excited to announce the promotion of Stacey Mazzella to Senior Marketing Director!

In 2015, Mazzella began her journey consulting with Harold Levinson Associates, NCD’s Farmingdale Distribution Center, as their outsourced marketing department. After three years serving as a consultant for NCD, leadership offered to bring her on full-time as a marketing director. Since then, Mazzella has been a key player during the company’s multiple transitions and acquisitions and continues to exceed expectations in her commitment to the business and her overall performance within the department.

“Since arriving at NCD seven years ago, Stacey has been a key contributor in the development of our marketing department and business,” said Paul Murphy, NCD’s Chief of Operations. “Stacey’s promotion to NCD’s Senior Director of Marketing recognizes her contribution to the company. She is well positioned to continue to add value to the business through her creativity and innovation to our marketing efforts across all departments.”

Stacey Mazzella

After earning her Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration and Marketing from Hofstra University in 1998, Mazzella has been finding innovative ways to connect her passion for technology with her creative intuition to efficiently support business goals. In her new role, Mazzella will focus on overseeing the operation of the marketing team in executing big-picture marketing strategies and objectives through ingenuity, automation and the enhancement of engaging user experiences.

“Our department’s mission consists of three tenets. First, be supportive. Second, offer value. And third, make a difference,” said Mazzella. “In distribution, we have an even greater responsibility to assist multiple personas, each just as important as the next. Our customers [retailers], our vendor partners, our sales team, staff and external relationships. Marketing’s role touches so much of the business and this rockstar team is up to the challenge.”

“I am so excited to have the opportunity to drive this bus for NCD and can’t wait to see what the future holds as we elevate our entire partner experiences through traditional and digital marketing channels.”

Please join us in congratulating Stacey Mazzella!