This week, National Convenience Distributors’ Executive Vice President of Government Affairs, Kyle Feldman, traveled to Washington D.C. for the Convenience Distribution Association’s annual Day on the Hill. The advocacy program brings various distributors together for policy briefings, educational speakers, networking and interactive meetings with members of Congress.

While attending, Feldman met with House of Representatives member Andrew Garbarino, who serves New York’s second congressional district. Additionally, Feldman met with the respected staff of Majority Senate Leader Chuck Schumer as well as Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, both of whom also represent New York.

The two-day event presented industry professionals with an opportunity to speak on hot button topics, such as tobacco legislation.

“Together NCD and CDA went to Capitol Hill to discuss several topics. NCD’s cry for help regarding major issues was heard with open ears. Washington must ensure much more clear and concise information from the Federal Drug Administration. The Center for Tobacco is far from clear in their guidance and regulations,” said Feldman.

“An illicit marketplace of unauthorized, untaxed, unregulated and unsafe products has multiplied at lightening speeds. This is not being addressed. We must slow down all illegal activities and enforce current laws before new bans and laws are put into place.”

As a longtime CDA member, NCD looks forward to continuing advocacy work alongside the organization.

CDA Day on the Hill Andrew Garbarino and Kyle Feldman
Kyle Feldman CDA Day on the Hill
CDA Day on the Hill Shannon Campagna and Kyle Feldman