By Maggie Gioia | Marketing Coordinator

While the year may be winding down, retailers still have time to save on 2022’s trending items with National Convenience Distributors’ November and December deals. Stock up on popular products from Conagra Brands, the Wonderful Company and Jack Link’s.

Conagra’s David Seeds

David Seeds, the most popular sunflower seeds on the market for on-the-go consumers, has been organically leading the mindful and functional snacking focus before it became the center of the food and beverage industry. As this better-for-you trend continues to grow entering 2023, David Seeds has remained at the forefront, particularly in the convenience marketplace.

David's November Deal

As the self-proclaimed official seed of baseball and softball, David Seeds is undoubtedly the favorite amongst ball players, but off the field, the brand shines as a healthier grab and go option. Take their Jumbo Original, for example. Arguably their best-selling product, just one serving of sunflower seeds is packed with eight grams of protein. Nonetheless, beware of high sodium levels. Because consumers will often search for the healthier-for-you option, David Seeds offers a reduced sodium version of the jumbo original as well as their regular size. Despite elevated sodium levels in David’s flavored sunflower seeds, the brand maximizes trending flavors like Dill Pickle and Sweet and Spicy that generate interest, excitement and, ultimately, sales.

Born in 1926, David Seeds has accumulated nearly a century of knowledge to create the perfect roasted and salted seed. As a brand consumers can trust, David Seeds has remained the number one seed in the retail market since 2017. What’s more is the brand’s commitment to sustainability, including recyclable packaging that is also composed of recycled materials, with Conagra recently achieving 90 percent zero waste in 15 of its 17 facilities across the United States, Canada and Mexico. By diverting 183,000 tons of waste from landfills in the 2022 fiscal year, Conagra has increased recycling, bolstered donations to food banks, produced animal safe feed, created clean energy and developed land applications to improve soil quality. Therefore, in addition to David Seeds serving as a more health-conscious snacking alternative, consumers can feel good about choosing a product with a purpose. (You can read more about David Seeds commitment to sustainability on their site’s smart label pop-ups).

The Wonderful Company’s Pistachios and Fiji Water

Like Conagra and David Seeds, Wonderful Pistachios provide consumers with a better-for-you snacking experience. With countless shelled and whole varieties to choose from, such as sweet chili, honey roasted and lightly salted, just to name a few, the non-GMO verified products provide roughly six grams of protein and a significant amount of plant-based fiber. (November Deal Left, December Deal Right).

Pistachios November Deal
Pistachios December Deal

Meanwhile Fiji Water’s sleek, ingenious packaging serves a greater purpose than just securing sales – the brand’s 100% recycled plastic, square bottles utilize the wasted space that round water bottles ordinarily create. In other words, the square bottles can optimize the space on square palettes and in boxes. As a result, Fiji Water can ship more product, and distributors and retailers can store more product, creating a more sustainable process overall. If more bottles can fit, less travel is needed, and, in turn, less carbon is emitted. Additionally, Fiji Water upholds its dedication to sourcing its water ethically through an aquifer that naturally adds electrolytes and minerals. Their facilities are then powered by renewable energy. (You can read more about Fiji Water’s commitment to sustainability here).

As artisan bottled water sales expand, more specifically boasting a 4.3% compound annual growth rate, Fiji Water’s iconic products sell themselves. NCD customers can save on various sizes of Fiji Water, as well as bottles with different cap styles. (November Deal Left, December Deal Right).

Fiji Water November Deal
Fiji Water December Deal

Jack Link’s

Jack Link’s presents another functional snacking opportunity to consumers by helping them increase their protein intake. As the original jerky, Jack Link’s is the industry leader for packaged meat snacks, a category that consistently shows increased growth. The top-selling jerky in convenience stores in 2021 was Jack Link’s 3.25-ounce Teriyaki Beef, which generated $17.7 million in revenue. In second place was Jack Link’s 3.25-ounce Original Beef Jerky, which produced $16.7 million in revenue.

As bold flavors and mindful snacking continue to trend into 2023, Jack Link’s is sure to check every box with their extensive product line that includes leaner meats like pork, chicken and turkey as well as new sweeter and hotter palettes. The Jack Link’s name is not only recognizable, it’s trustworthy – a brand born from family recipes and generations in the meat business, Jack Link’s uses clean recipes for its trademark taste.

Now, Jack Link’s enters a new category with refrigerated snacks kits that include cheese sticks and cheese slices. With current deals, retailers can save on classic jerkies, while also adding the popular name to their fresh grab and go commissary. (November Deal Left, December Deal Right).

Jack Link's November Deal
Jack Link's December Deal

** Deal examples are from the Tri-State Division. Please check in your respective division’s Insider for offers and promo codes!