By Maggie Gioia | Marketing Coordinator

Summertime means consumers are on the move, presenting a unique opportunity for c-stores.

73% of consumers have summer travel plans, and with travel, comes snacking. Whether consumers are on route to the beach, the airport, or a long road trip, odds are they are going to stop to refuel or prepare for the journey ahead.

Kelloggs’ new Cheez-It Puff’d products are ready for summertime travel. A classic among parents and a favorite among kids, Cheez-It Puff’d appeals to all age groups. A contemporary take on the timeless Cheez-It — which has served as a core item for over a century — the Puff’d line brings a distinct product experience to consumers.


Cheez-It Puff'd

As the Cheez-It name continues to be a category leader, stocking Cheez-It innovation like Puff’d is a chance to unlock whitespace in crackers, capitalize on category momentum and reenergize core assortment. The top-selling, iconic Cheez-It remains the number one cracker brand in c-stores with a 46.0 share of crackers and showing 6.5% growth within the last five years. Similarly, salty snacks category sales increased by 10.3% since last year.

Made with 100% real cheese, Cheez-It Puff’d comes in “double cheese,” “white cheddar” and “scorchin’ hot cheddar” flavors. Driving 6.4% of cracker category growth, the “puffy and airy, bite-sized squares” represent current snacking and retail trends, helping to capture impulse buys in store.

According to the National Confectioner’s Association, consumers are looking for products with “newstalgia” and “flavor intensity” in 2022. “Newstalgia” refers to “innovative twists on the classics you know and love,” while “flavor intensity” refers to “flavor extremes.” Cheez-It Puff’d is a powerful combination of both.

Coming out of the pandemic, consumers are craving the comfort of their go-to snacks, but with exciting varieties to switch things up. As such consumers prepare for summer vacations, expand your successful Cheez-It offerings with Cheez-It Puff’d to meet their needs.

Pegged 3 oz. bags of Cheez-It Puff’d are ready for immediate ship!

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