Maggie Gioia | Marketing Coordinator

This past May, Hostess debuted their limited edition “patriotic” strawberry Donettes and red, white and blue CupCakes. Since the treats are only available until July 4, this is the last chance for retailers to secure the seasonal sweets before Independence Day.

In 2021, Hostess produced a net revenue of $297.2 million, an increase of $41.2 million, or 16.1%, compared to a $256.0 million in 2020. This year, Hostess is projected to generate a net revenue growth of 5% to 8%.

RWB Hostess Cupcakes
RWB Hostess Strawberry Donettes

In addition, an average of 4.39 Americans consumed eight or more individual servings of Hostess CupCakes in 2020. Combined with high demand and festive packaging, the colorful, firework-covered countertop display helps to capture impulse buys by consumers.

While Donettes and CupCakes are undoubtedly a Hostess hallmark, the new spin on the two classic confections add some color and American spirit to stores.

RWB Hostess Countertop Display