By Maggie Gioia | Marketing Coordinator

For today’s consumer, Christmas shopping can be stressful, and oftentimes anything but convenient. Though 94% of families both hang and fill stockings, according to a Field Agent survey, many of those families will actually forget the stocking stuffers until the last minute. The same survey found that the top 12 stocking stuffers included candy, with chocolate being number one, as well as packaged snacks, baked goods and gum or mints. While big box retailers sell out fast during the holiday season, convenience stores help shoppers find all these in-demand stocking stuffers in one place, no matter how late. Prepare for this opportunity with these seasonal favorites!

Reese's Trees

Reese’s Trees

No holiday stocking stuffer guide would be complete without Reese’s Trees! Arguably one of the most beloved Christmas treats (besides Hershey’s Kisses and their timeless commercial of course), they are enjoyed by all ages not just for the festive Christmas tree shape, but also for the extra thick chocolate and peanut butter. Retailers can purchase 24 count box, with each package containing two trees – perfect to fill up stockings!

Red and Green Mini M&M’s

Found in candy dishes across America, and especially in the fun pop-top tubes in children’s stockings, red and green mini M&M’s are a Christmas classic. For some families, red and green M&M’s are just as much of a tradition as grandma’s cookies around the holidays. This engaging stocking stuffer is a go-to for those last-minute shoppers, but it also doubles as an ingredient for holiday-themed baking recipes. When the grocery is out, consumers are likely to check a convenience store!

Red and Green Mini M&M's
Cinnamon Mentos

Cinnamon Mentos Gum

With its warmth and zest, cinnamon is one of the leading flavors of the holiday season. Families add mints and gum to stockings, so why not make it festive? 

While cinnamon flavored gum may be a bit too spicy for young children, teens and adults will find cinnamon Mentos this stocking stuffer to be an exciting way to instantly refresh and reconnect with seasonal flavors. Place these by the checkout to capture impulse buys!

Ferrero Rocher

There is an unspoken rule that Ferrero Rocher is the top tier of stocking stuffers. Decadent chocolate and hazelnut wrapped elegantly in gold foil screams luxury, and from China to the U.S., Ferrero Rocher is revered as a symbol of social status. This is particularly true for American immigrants who viewed Ferrero Rocher’s affordable refinement as a way to unlock “instant, obtainable wealth,” and so gifting Ferrero Rocher became a special tradition.

Ferrero Rocher

The Italian Ferrero Rocher debuted in 1982 after being inspired by a legendary religious site in Lourdes, France. Since then, the Ferrero Rocher has become a holiday staple and an accessible way to indulge. For many Americans, Ferrero Rocher is also rooted in their family’s journey, and nothing says Christmas more than family.

Werther's Soft Caramels

Werther’s Chewy Caramels

Grandma’s house! Ever wondered what those neatly tied treats sitting in the candy dish were? It’s these! Werther’s produces both hard and soft caramels, but their chewy caramels stand out. They may not be the best stocking stuffer for children, but teenagers and adults may appreciate the creaminess and nostalgia of this meaningful candy. The flavors of rich caramel and the connotation of family history are synonymous with Christmas, making this a spectacular stocking stuffer for those that enjoy Werther’s.

Swiss Miss

Hot chocolate. Need I say more? Hot cocoa bombs are last year’s fad, but Swiss Miss has and always will be number one. Paired perfectly with marshmallows, Swiss Miss Variety Pack is a Christmas must-have and a festive filler for the stockings of all ages. Best paired with Christmas movies, fuzzy socks and cozy socks, stocking Swiss Miss is essential to the c-store holiday lineup, especially when other stores are selling out.

Swiss Miss

Popcorn already leads the snack category for c-stores due to the health benefits and easy availability. Projected to reach a compound aggregate growth rate of 11.2% from 2022 to 2027, popcorn is an undeniable addition to the convenience marketplace. ACT II microwave popcorn is perhaps one of the most recognizable popcorn brands throughout the year, but at holiday time, it is even more popular. With snacks being Whether consumers are using it as old-fashioned garland for their tree or munching on it while watching their favorite Christmas movie, popcorn is an unexpected gem to include in holiday offerings.

Bon Appetit

If you do a quick search of “cinnamon rolls Christmas,” you’ll find countless links to cinnamon roll recipes and stories on why they are a Christmas morning tradition – and rightfully so! As mentioned before, warm cinnamon flavors are vital to the Christmas season, particularly when paired with sweet icing that practically melts off these fresh-out-the-oven treats. But what about families that may be traveling to see their loved ones on Christmas? Bon Appetit brings Christmas morning into the convenience store with their highly rated, homemade cinnamon rolls, helping families on the road keep up the Christmas spirit. Although Bon Appetit’s cinnamon rolls are great for Christmas day, they also are a wonderful item to incorporate into the baked goods segment during the holiday and winter seasons. They may not fit the stocking stuffer mold, but these cinnamon rolls certainly check all the holiday boxes.

Bon Appetit Cinnamon Roll
BIC Ugly Sweaters

BiC Ugly Sweater Lighters

Similarly, lighters aren’t the first thing to come to mind when thinking of stocking stuffers. Nonetheless, they are a necessity during the holidays from lighting Christmas candles and the menorah, to lighting the fire. BiC certainly delivered with these festive, ugly-sweater themed lighters. These colorful, patterned versions of the classic lighter are part of an eye-catching countertop display that is sure to increase seasonal item sales.

Peppermint Twists

No holiday list would be complete without peppermint! As one of the season’s staple flavors, peppermint characterizes Christmas candies like barks, chocolates, and of course candy canes, as well as hot and iced chocolates, cocktails and baked goods, but despite the endless peppermint possibilities, everyone seems to forget about peppermint twists! These bite-sized, old-school treats pack all the peppermint goodness of other popular holiday items into one festive chomp. 

Peppermint Twists
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With Christmas only a few days away, families are rushing to complete their shopping. Stocking stuffers are typically forgotten or saved for last, and with sold out holiday items everywhere, this week presents an incremental sales opportunity for c-stores to stuff those stockings! When placing your orders, inquire about the above items for a pre-Christmas delivery!