General Mills fans are in for a treat this March 1. As a “major player” in the cereal bar space, General Mills has announced the release of a new treat bar variety – Chex Mix – to c-stores.

With the global cereal bar market projected to reach a CAGR of 8.9% during the next five years, the introduction of the Chex Mix bar could not have been more timely. Cereal bars are being consumed as meal replacement, particularly for breakfast, by working-class individuals, teenagers and children who are on-the-go. As the demand for portable, small-portion snacks continues to rise, nutrition and protein bars as well as cereal bars are becoming increasingly popular.

General Mills, while piggybacking off this trend, is pioneering a new segment of the cereal bar by utilizing one of their traditional snack mixes to forge a similar, sweet, convenient treat. The King Size Chex Mix Treat Bar marks a fun, innovative take on classic Chex Mix by combining the snack with the leading flavors of both chocolate peanut butter and cookies and cream.

The cereal bars market is set to exceed $22.79 billion by 2032. Because North America holds the largest share in this market, c-stores can capitalize on the cereal bars momentum this spring by adding Chex Mix Treat Bars to their breakfast and snack bar offerings.



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