After nearly 21 years as a regional sales manager at National Convenience Distributor’s Tri-State Division – Harold Levinson Associates – Fred Maia has announced his retirement, leaving a lasting impact upon the organization.

Maia entered HLA with the goal of growing New Jersey’s customer base. What began as a few hundred accounts, developed into a strong network of thousands. As a result, Maia’s small team expanded to become an industry powerhouse.

“If it weren’t for Fred, we would not be as successful as we are in New Jersey,” said Marty Glick, executive vice president of divisional sales at NCD. “He recruited and trained the salespeople, some of whom have grown to become managers due to Fred’s coaching. Fred knows every account in the state. The man is like a brain surgeon, on call 24/7.”

While New Jersey customers were initially serviced from the Farmingdale warehouse, a Ewing, New Jersey depot was established during Maia’s leadership to support the rapid growth rate the state was experiencing – acting as a true testament to the tenacity of Maia and his team.

“My team – that’s my legacy. It’s all about the team and working together. I can only do so much. The credit goes to them,” said Maia.

“My advice to them is to do more than just calling or emailing to follow up with a customer. Have face to face meetings. Show up and do something for the customer. Make a difference for them. Just showing up and doing at least one thing in their store shows that you care and reflects well upon the company’s commitment to their success. Just show up and make a difference. That’s what sets us apart, the relationships we have with our customers.”

Maia is a shining example of his own advice, as he has cultivated close, lifelong relationships with customer partners.

“I’ll miss spending time with customers and learning about their families.”

Though Maia will certainly miss his customer family, Maia expressed that he will also miss his NCD family just as much.

“I’ll miss everyone – the team, the camaraderie, the family,” Maia said, shedding a tear.

Nonetheless, his retirement will hold new forms of happiness, purpose and family.

Celebrating Fred Maia at the May 2023 Tri-State Sales Meeting

“I’m most looking forward to relaxing during the summer and spending time with my grandson, Jack, who is nine years old,” Maia shared.

Although the two will certainly make some meaningful memories together, Maia will be greatly missed by the NCD family.

“I consider Fred a friend and I wish him and his family only joy and health on his new adventure,” said Glick. He has made me a better person and manager and I cannot find the proper words to thank him.”

What Maia’s Teammates Had To Say:

“Fred and I go back a long way. Him and I clicked immediately. Everything I do here is because of him teaching me the ins and outs,” said Lou Troilo, New Jersey and Pennsylvania’s Tri-State Division field sales manager. “All the success that happened in New Jersey is him. He is synonymous with New Jersey – everyone knows him and respects him in this industry.”

“Fred is one of a kind,” said Ketan Shah, a sales consultant on Maia’s team. “He never shuts his phone. His customers are his life. He never gives up. He’s always there when I need him and always has my back. We have been working together for about 15 years and he helped show me that this becomes your second home, your second family.”

“Fred Maia has been an integral part of HLA’s and NCD’s longtime success in building consistently strong business relationships and increasing sales in the state of New Jersey. His lasting impact on the customer base, peers, sales force, business and NCD will always be revered and memorable,” said Frank Talarico the Tri-State Division’s vice president of field sales. “We wish Fred and his family nothing but luck and well wishes in his retirement.”