It’s the most wonderful time of the year! The holiday season is upon us, but it would not be nearly as festive without its quintessential sweet treats. National Convenience Distributors has everything your customers need to fill up on stocking stuffers!

Hershey’s Holiday Order Guide:

Why not spice things up with the chocolate bar version of the beloved Panettone cake? Cadbury has you covered. Want to keep it classic? Reese’s Trees and festive Kiss candy canes are a must-have each year. Hot cocoa bombs and festive standard bars are non-negotiable. No matter what your customer base is looking for, we offer a variety of Hershey chocolates to deliver on their holiday wish list.

Active in All Divisions-

Cadbury Fruit & Nut King Size 2.3oz. 18CT – 10043819

Reese’s Tree King Shipper 72CT – 10038798

Hershey’s Standard Bar Shipper 168CT – 10038792

Reese’s Trees Two Pack King Size 6x24CT – 10020972

Reese’s Trees Standard 6x36CT – 10004519

Hershey’s Kiss Filled Candy Cane 2.24oz 12CT – 10026674

Active in just Farmingdale-

Reese’s Cups Minis in Tree Shaped Gift Box 6.5oz. 6CT – 3007575

Cookies n Crème Kisses 9oz. 16CT – 3007578

Hershey’s Minis 9.9oz. 16CT – 3005394

Candy Cane Hershey’s Kiss Filled Candy Cane 2.08oz 12CT – 3007580

Cocoa Bomb w/ Mini Marshmallows Shipper 144CT – 3006473

Grinch Hershey’s Kiss 1.45oz. 24CT – 3006478 (also active in Rockville – 304246)

Lindt Holiday Order Guide (All Divisions):

Elevate your chocolate selection with Lindt’s luxurious Lindor Truffles. Lindt is a top choice amongst consumers because the brand makes European decadence accessible and affordable in a way that helps them to stand out amongst other upscale chocolates.

Lindor Truffle 5.1oz. Bags Floor Display 48CT – 10043937

Lindor Milk Chocolate Truffle Stick Powerwing 48CT – 10043938

Lindor Truffles 4 Box Combo 240CT — 10031099

Ferrero (All Divisions):

Ferrero Rocher has been the holiday chocolate since its inception in Italy in 1982. In 1988, Ferrero Rocher arrived in America and was widely adopted as one of the most widely available chocolate delicacies on the market. Enveloped within a neatly wrapped glistening gold foil, milk chocolate and hazelnut combine to bring a sophisticated quality to any gift.

Ferrero Rocher 3PC Box 12CT – 10000014

Ferrero King Size Chocolate Counter Unit 44CT – 10007528

Ferrara (Just Farmingdale):

Peppermint is synonymous with Christmastime. Ensure that you are prepared for last-minute holiday shoppers with the most festive of all the Christmas confections. Each year, Brach’s most popular traditional holiday treats are easily their peppermint Christmas-themed items. Include their soft peppermint candy in your holiday collection to provide a simple stocking stuffer for customers.

Holiday Brach’s Soft Peppermint Candy 10oz. 12CT – 3007514

Get in on grab and go gifting this holiday season with these festive favorites from Hershey, Lindt, Ferrero, and Ferrara, ready in time for Christmas and only available at NCD. Please contact your sales consultant for more information!