WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

WARNING: Cigar smoking can cause cancers of the mouth and throat, even if you do not inhale.



Labor Day may signify the end of summer, but there are still plenty of warm days ahead. As a result, consumers are looking to enjoy the late summer and early fall sun. Use this tobacco guide to learn more about these seasonal favorites and expand your offerings.

Republic Brands

Republic Brands, previously known as Republic Tobacco, is leading the innovative “better-for-you” trend within the tobacco and tobacco alternatives categories, notes Nelson Lopes, a category manager at National Convenience Distributors.

E-Z Wider bamboo and organic hemp rolling papers are not only sustainably produced, but because they are unbleached, there are also less chemicals used in the process. Similarly, they capitalize on the roll-your-own trend. Retailers can take advantage of this artisanal trend by incorporating products like E-Z Wider into their product offerings.

Republic Brands E-Z Wider Deal September 2022
Swedish Match

Swedish Match’s Zyn brand is a “market leader” with “double digit sales increases across the board,” according to John Reynolds, NCD’s premium cigar and other tobacco products category manager.

Because the nicotine pouches are smoke-free, spit-free and come in a variety of flavors, they interest all demographics and are “open to everyone,” says Lopes. “The modern oral nicotine category is growing and Zyn is at the forefront.”

Summer invokes a focus on Cool Mint, Citrus and Spearmint, whereas the transition to fall highlights Cinnamon, Coffee and Peppermint.

In addition to Zyn, Swedish Match’s Game and White Owl have become “no-brainers” in retailer selections, says Reynolds. According to Swedish Match, small homogenized tobacco leaf (HTL) cigarillo is the largest segment in the cigar category and small natural leaf is the fastest growing segment in the cigar category.”

Game and White Owl cigarillos exemplify this trend, combining innovation with in-demand flavors like strawberry colada and wine. Moreover, the individually foil-wrapped, fresh packs capture grab and go sales and ensure freshness.

Macanudo September 2022 Deal
Scandinavian Tobacco

Although Scandinavian Tobacco has many reputable products to choose from, their most popular items come from the General Cigar Company’s Macanudo.

“This brand is a great way to work premium cigars into your store without a premium cigar program. If you’re not in the premium cigar category, this is the best way to test your customer base and get the most bang for your buck,” recommends Reynolds.

Intercontinental Cigar

Intercontinental Cigar is best known for their Al Capone Premium Cigarillos. This powerhouse is brand is affordable and recognizable, making it a c-store necessity.

“They are a perfect complement to a beach day or for anytime during the summer with sweet flavors like rum. They’re small, little enjoyments that are a proven winner in our marketplace and a must have in any c-store, especially near the shore,” Reynolds suggests.

National Tobacco

From National Tobacco, retailers can incorporate Zig Zag rolling papers and accessories and Stoker’s chewing tobacco into their product mix. Zig Zag is the number go-to for papers and cones since they are a “well-known name with so many sweet flavors to choose from,” explains Reynolds. “They are a perfect product to round out the summer backbar selection.”

Retailers can find Zig Zag papers and cones in flavors ranging from blueberry, strawberry, mango, grape, watermelon, peach and pineapple to chocolate and vanilla. Stoker’s, on the other hand, represents the smokeless tobacco segment, with a wide variety of minty chewing tobacco flavors to expand your offerings.

Al Capone Deals September 2022
Swisher Sweets Deal September 2022
Swisher Sweets

Like Swedish Match, Swisher Sweets has also taken advantage of the increasing natural leaf market.

“The profit capabilities are endless,” says Reynolds.

Swisher Sweets’ all natural tobacco cigars called Leaf, capitalize on this movement. The cigars are pre-packaged for convenience and come in seasonal flavors like honey and sweet aromatic.

For the Non-Tobacco Smokers

The RYO trend has certainly resurfaced in the tobacco marketplace, paralleling the growth of RYO innovations within the cannabis marketplace. Take Greenlane’s Vibes brand, for example. Vibes is revolutionizing RYO by offering a wide hemp and rice-based cones and papers. With natural product sourcing and therefore less chemical materials, users can feel confident in Vibes. Some of their bestsellers include organic hemp cones and and ultra thin papers just to name a few!

For c-stores, choosing a variety of Vibes products that can be paired with a dsiplay option will garner the most value-add and an exciting, enticing, effective way to merchandise. Create a good “vibe” in your store with Greenlane.

Vibes September Deals

Take your specialty tobacco selection to the next level with these timely, summer and fall favorites.

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