By Maggie Gioia

On Tuesday, Dec. 6, National Convenience Distributors’ chief executive officer, Jeff Allen, and Allen Brothers vice president, Steve Ouimette, were invited to represent NCD’s Delaware Valley Division in a town hall meeting held to discuss the tightening of the Pinpoint Program with Philadelphia Police Department’s Commissioner, Danielle Outlaw, who has spearheaded the program. Allen Brothers has been a longtime partner and advocate of the City of Philadelphia’s 25th Police District.

The Pinpoint Program, also known as Operation Pinpoint, was launched in 2019 in reaction to the high crime rate Philadelphia experienced in 2017 and 2018. The program targets the most crime ridden areas in over 20 districts across the city through greater levels of surveillance, mapping technology and officer presence, helping to cut down on guns and active shootings, as well as drugs, homicides and other acts of violence.

According to a CBS News interview with staff inspector Joseph Bologna, who heads the Regional Command South Division, Operation Pinpoint can be described as “a collective effort that brings several police divisions under one umbrella.”

Local businesses can choose to partner with their respective police district to contribute to the program by providing camera footage and liaising between community members and the police.

“We were invited to attend as a business that has partnered with the Philadelphia Police Department’s 25th District to protect the community,” said Ouimette.

The meeting presented an opportunity for Allen Brothers, along with neighboring businesses, to collaborate with the police on crime fighting methods.

“It’s an honor to have such a close relationship with our local police department. Getting to chat and share ideas with Commissioner Outlaw, was an amazing opportunity,” said Ouimette. “We are excited to see the positive changes she is sure to continue making in our city, and as the first black woman to ever hold this role, the team feels proud to be part of a community that champions diversity.”

Jeff Allen NCD CEO, Philadelphia Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw, and Allen Brothers Vice President Steve Ouimette at Town Hall Meeting