As a customer turned team member, Bill Stamos has been part of the Century Distributors family, the Mid-Atlantic Division of National Convenience Distributors, for 35 years. Now, after over three decades of dedicated partnership, Stamos, Century’s current Director of Merchandising and Food Service, will ascend to Director of Sales and Merchandising.

From 1988 to 1993, Stamos owned a beer, wine and delicatessen store. During that time, he was a Century Distributors customer. These five years were crucial in helping him to gain a strong foundational understanding of the convenience industry.

Then, in 1994, Stamos flipped the script and joined a beverage company in outside sales. By 1998, he had joined the Century team as sales consultant, and in 2020, he led the team as Director of Merchandising and Food Service.

“It is hard to believe that Bill has been part of the Century family for over 25 years,” said Lori Rodman, vice president of sales at Century.

“Bill’s commitment, leadership and passion have enabled him to reach this milestone. Every day he has made a real difference here and we cannot wait to see what the future holds for him. He has been an incredible leader and teacher for our team for so many years. I am so excited to congratulate him on his promotion! He certainly earned this opportunity, and I can’t wait to see all the amazing things he accomplishes.”

Stamos’ impact on the team is profound, but for him, it’s just another day on the job.

“As an avid sports fan, you can have some of the best individual talent available, but it’s a coach or manager that has to guide the team to become successful,” said Stamos. “I see a lot of individual talent within the sales force and it’s my job to help make them a successful team. I’ve always been a lead by example, whatever it takes, think outside the box type of person.”

It’s Stamos’ “out of the box” thinking and leadership that has contributed to Century’s development over the years.

“Bill has been an integral part of Century’s and NCD’s growth in the Baltimore and Washington D.C. market. Just recently, Bill took our entire Food Service business on from scratch,” shared Debbie Robins, managing director of NCD’s Mid-Atlantic Division. “Bill’s hard work and dedication has paid off, and I know he will excel in this role. Bill will be leading and inspiring our team to even greater success.”

As Stamos steps into his new role, he “looks forward to what the future brings with the continuing growth of the company and NCD family.”

Bill Stamos In Field
Here’s What Some of his Customers and Team Members Had to Say:

Metin, Owner of Waugh Chapel Sunoco

“It is no secret that I hold Bill Stamos in the highest regard in all aspects of our professional relationship. He has always presented Century Distributors and NCD in the best possible manner. Always an absolute pleasure to interact with and a major element in the success of Waugh Chapel Sunoco!”

Mustafa Nawaz, AMSG Petroleum, Inc. (Anzan Petro and Moose Marts)

Bill is very knowledgeable and helpful. Just a pure soul.”

Rachel Rabin, Sales Consultant, NCD

“In all aspects, Bill is a true leader who guides co-workers and businesses toward success.”

Marti Stepner, Senior Sales, Food Service and Merchandising Consultant, NCD

“Bill is a leader. He has the utmost respect of the entire sales team. Whether it be sales, merchandising, or food service, he is always the one that people turn to for advice or help.”

Malik Adnan, Family Owner of 20+ Local Stations

“Bill is the best person to ever deal with as far as merchandising goes. He goes more than beyond to make sure we get the desired product we need and to make sure we are successful after making investments in our store. I have asked Bill to do so many bizarre things when it comes to measuring shelving and such, and he always puts his full foot forward with no hesitation. As a sales consultant, Bill is a model for all sales reps and how they should order and do things, very knowledgeable.”

Marty Glick, Executive Vice President of Divisional Sales, NCD

“Bill commands respect from the sales team. He is a tremendous leader and will undoubtedly do a tremendous job. I am so happy for him and excited for the sales team.”

Shawn Mead, Senior Sales, Food Service and Merchandising Consultant, NCD

“As the Director of Merchandising and Food Service, Bill has been unflappable with the amount of new responsibilities added since taking on the position. No matter what may or could go wrong, Bill will always make sure the job is done right and the customer is overjoyed with the result.”

“As a salesperson Bill is the G.O.A.T of MAP. He was ranked number one four years in a row and the only reason he didn’t make it five was because he transitioned into his new role. If you want to know how much Bill is respected and appreciated, just look at the smiles on customers’ faces when he walks into a store. As a coworker, Bill strides to make everyone around him better at their craft. He leads by example and continuously shows us that exceeding expectations is the goal.”