Last night the American Cancer Society held their 5th annual Red, White and Blue Summer Bash at Gatsby on the Ocean in Wantagh, New York. Both professional and philanthropic, the themed fundraiser included signature foods, creative cocktails, interactive games, raffles, auctions, music and more on a beach front setting. It was a special event to help support ACS’s mission in ending cancer as a major health problem, with their recognized honoree, National Convenience Distributor’s very own, Marty Glick. 

Marty Glick has played a pivotal role in the growth of HLA for the past two decades, now serving as the executive vice president of Divisional Sales at National Convenience Distributors. Beyond his corporate endeavors, Marty is a devoted family man, proudly embracing his roles as a husband, father of two, and grandfather of four. Yet, Marty’s contributions extend even further into his community, where he shines as a beacon of altruism and leadership.

For nearly 10 years, Marty and NCD have actively supported the American Cancer Society, with Island Coffee as their yearly sponsor. His involvement in the annual “Making Strides Against Breast Cancer” event and his work with The INN food pantry is nothing short of inspiring and selfless. Marty’s compassionate spirit is evident in his willingness to volunteer, raise donations, and spread awareness for causes close to his heart.  This honor is well deserved, although his opinion on it says otherwise. Marty has stated countless times, “I don’t deserve to be honored, all I do is sell coffee.” However that’s not the case, not only does he serve thousands of cups every year at the breast cancer walk to raise money for the organization, but he makes everyone who attends feel welcomed and comfortable, sharing his positive energy to everyone around him. He is a passionate sponsor of ACS, and his recognitions should be celebrated! Despite his sarcastic sense of humor, which adds a unique charm to his personality, Marty’s empathy and genuine concern for others shine through. To know Marty is to be touched by his kindness and to recognize the immense impact he has on those around him, and the American Cancer Society recognizes that influence and passion! 

The event was a great success, and the donations don’t end there…use this link to continue the contributions to end cancer:

Congratulations to Marty; we are extremely proud to know you, and work beside you everyday!