By Maggie Gioia | Marketing Coordinator

Though the groundhog may have seen his shadow, spring is only a few weeks away – which means that it’s time for a deep clean. Transition into the new season with these tips for a successful spring cleaning.

Order the NCD Cleaning Line

National Convenience Distributors launched their cleaning and sanitation program just over a year ago to assist retailers in achieving a safer and more welcoming environment. The process of elevating the convenience store experience has been key in NCD’s mission to expand their foodservice and coffee business.

“Growing foodservice is made up of 5 key components, all of which are vital to the success of the category — cleaning and sanitation, store level execution, consistency, quality and marketing — but if stores don’t focus on number one, the chances of success are small,” said Adam Kramer, the Vice President of Foodservice at NCD.

The simple yet effective products of NCD Cleaning are easy for c-stores to implement and include a bottle of disinfectant, sanitizer, glass cleaner, neutral floor cleaner, pot and pan cleaner, and degreaser.

“We love the program because there is no equipment or installation involved. The products are simply a squeeze, tip and pour, then concentrates are mixed with water,” said Kramer. “Each bottle contains specific directions on how to use the product as well as the item number to make re-ordering an easier process. NCD’s cleaning line is extremely cost effective, and when customers embrace the program versus pulling name-brand cleaning products off their shelves, they will realize a huge savings.”

The NCD Cleaning line also comes with wall chart to further simplify the use of the products, in addition to Board of Health compliant Safety Data Sheets.

NCD Cleaning
C-store Cleaning

Make Spring Cleaning a Habit by Following Sanitation Guidelines

Abiding by federal, state and local-level sanitation laws has always been a top priority for businesses and their customers — particularly in the grocery, retail and foodservice industries — but since the onset of the Covid-19 Pandemic, we have become increasingly aware of these previously set cleaning regulations and their importance in keeping customers, business owners and staff, feeling safe, happy and healthy.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) sanitation guidelines of today are the spring cleaning norms of yesterday. Make this deep cleanse a habit by:

  • Routinely disinfecting frequently touched surfaces such as workstations, cash registers, payment terminals and credit card touch pads, door handles, tables, carts and baskets, equipment and countertops.
  • Disinfecting frequently touched shelving, displays and reach-in refrigerator units nightly or when closed to the public.
  • Washing, rinsing and sanitizing food contact surfaces like dishware, utensils, food preparation areas and beverage equipment after use.
  • Conducting regular cleanings of common areas, rest areas, and employee break rooms.
  • Cleaning and disinfecting floors often.
  • Following the directions on the label of cleaning products.
  • Washing hands several times throughout the day, especially after contact with high-risk surfaces.
  • Learn More Here and Here.

“Because of the pandemic, consumers, now more than ever, won’t feel comfortable purchasing products from a store that doesn’t appear clean and sanitary,” said Kramer.

Improve c-store hygiene, traffic and sales by utilizing quality products to frequently and thoroughly sanitize.