By Maggie Gioia | Marketing Coordinator

The Super Bowl is the largest snacking event of the year. SNAC International, the trade association of the snacking industry, reported that snack food sales made up for $487 million during the 2021 Super Bowl week alone, rising 12.5 percent when compared to the prior week. Convenience stores have a chance to win big with these Super Bowl snacks.

Just like football, General Mills is an American tradition. For nearly 160 years, General Mills has been a leader in the food industry through the production of items in various categories from snacks, soups and cereals, to baking ingredients, doughs, healthier-for-you and so much more. Generating approximately $18.1 billion in sales annually — according to Statista, the number one global business data platform — retailers can score this Super Bowl Sunday with General Mills.

Chex Mix

No Super Bowl party is complete without chips to munch on throughout the game! Help your customers grab what they need by stocking must-have salty snacks from General Mills like Chex Mix. Traditional Chex Mix is a satisfying classic, but their long list of other exciting and savory flavors – the majority of which are gluten-free – are even better.

General Mills Super Bowl Snacks

Their Bold Party Blend is a best-seller and perfect for game day. The Bold Party Blend belongs in your customers’ Super Bowl spread with its mix of wheat chex, corn chex, mini breadsticks, pretzels and rye chips tossed in zesty garlic and onion spices. Need another reason to start carrying or restock on Chex Mix? All Chex Mix blends are free of artificial colorings and flavors, and are made with ingredients that are sourced naturally, so you can feel good about what you are selling.


Complement your Chex Mix offerings with Bugles. Like Chex Mix, Bugles sports an array of mouth-watering flavors that are bound to delight the taste buds of your customers. Their Original is as timeless as corn chips get, but their Nacho Cheese flavor is a Super Bowl staple. Today’s consumer is looking for convenient ways to attain the snacks they love. Nacho Cheese Bugles achieve the spiciness, cheesiness and crunchiness of actual Nachos, without all the work. Your customers will love to pick on them during the game.

Muddy Buddies

A Super Bowl party needs a sweet snack for dessert and General Mills’ Muddy Buddies are the grab n’ go cure to all their salty-sweet cravings. Though they have an extensive line of flavors, Cookies & Cream and Peanut Butter Chocolate are undoubtedly crowd-favorites. With countless five-star reviews, Cookies & Cream and Peanut Butter Chocolate bring corn chex to life with chocolatey-goodness and a powdered sugar coating. Muddy Buddies are reminiscent of an addictive childhood treat and will leave your customers wanting more.

“Super Bowl Sunday presents a great opportunity for our retailers to increase the sale of products in their snack category,” said Jim Kantany, Vice President of Sales at National Convenience Distributors. “Bags of chips and other salty snacks tend to perform their best during this time, as you have c-store customers running in to pick up a snack to bring to a Super Bowl party, or party hosts getting a last-minute item. It’s important for our retail partners to be prepared.”

Food and football go hand in hand. Ensure that your store is ready for game day by securing a top-performing lineup – of snacks, that is.

Make sure to check out some of General Mills’ other snacks, like Gardetto’s, Nature Valley and Fiber One, among many others!