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Rachael’s Food Corp. is committed to providing fresh foodservice options for those that are on the move and looking for a healthy alternative to the limited menus of fast food.

Our USDA-certified commissary offers a wide variety of grab and go products to convenience stores, supermarkets, and academic institutions. Everything from salads, wraps, paninis, sandwiches, subs, and snacks are handmade daily and shipped directly to our partners.


The MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging) menu program combines our classic, handcrafted items with leading food packaging technologies to ensure long lasting freshness without the use of harmful preservatives. MAP guarantees a minimum 7 day shelf life, but the items will last for up to 12 days. An extended shelf life benefits both the business and the environment by mitigating food waste.


Premium Artisanal

Rachael’s premium items are handmade and handwrapped using wholesome ingredients for the ultimate artisanal experience. Premium products maintain a 5 day shelf life and are supported by our 2 day advanced ordering system.

USDA-Certified Commissary

Rachael’s kitchen is 100% certified by the United States Department of Agriculture, meaning that we comply with frequent inspections and meet all sanitation and food safety requirements.

Rachael's USDA Certified Commissary
Sandwich of the Month

Sandwich of the Month Program

Our Sandwich of the Month Program is a fantastic way to get involved in all that Rachael’s Food Corp. has to offer. Each month, our team of foodserivce experts selects a best selling sandwich to promote in-store. By participating in the program, the sandwich of the month will be delivered to you, along with the marketing materials necessary to effectively display and sell the product.