NCD would like to recognize the recent promotion of Ryan Hughes to Director of Business Analytics.

Over the 3 short years Ryan has been in a Business Analyst role for HLA, NCD’s Central Division, he has exemplified great understanding in researching and analyzing data to suggest methods for the company to improve its practices and processes. He has achieved immense accolades within our vendor community and NCD executives as he continues to excel in many tasks: costing and pricing, margin and profitability, customer rebate programs, maintaining and dissecting vendor allowance programs, and much more in this analytical and supportive role. Ryan’s strong attention to detail and interpretive knowledge of the industry has been imperative in helping to centralize NCD’s divisional data. He is married with a 3-month-old son. In addition to learning how to navigate fatherhood, Ryan loves training and spending time with Floyd, his 7-year-old Pitbull. Ryan holds a Bachelor’s in Business Administration and Operations Management from Baruch College.