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When asked for Division ID:

HLA/Central Customers enter 252

HLA/Central Sales Reps/Mgrs enter 251

J Polep/North Customers enter 208

If, YOU need help on the go?

We want customers to update their store’s contact information with us!

In order for us to best communicate with our customers’ store(s) & employees, we need accurate and updated email addresses, mobile phone numbers, names & titles! Please update by clicking below…

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NOTE: A username and password will only work on ONE device. If you (or customers) would like to download the app on another device please click “request your credentials” below.

Please only request your username and password if you have NOT received credentials OR if you need multiple accounts/logins set up

This request link is to be used by customers’ only .

Phones & Tablets

Our new app is available for both smartphones and iPad. If you have an iPad available, we recommend you use the iPad exclusive app. Your log in information is the same for both the iPad exclusive and mobile app. – but can not be used on multiple devices. You need different login information on each device. 

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