By Maggie Gioia | Marketing Coordinator

At the close of each year, National Convenience Distributors awards Manager of the Year to the company’s most outstanding leaders. Please join us in congratulating Christian Beaulieu and Lou Troilo on earning the 2021 Managers of the Year.

Beaulieu began his journey with NCD in their Chicopee Distribution Center nearly 20 years ago as a sales representative responsible for serving the South shore of Massachusetts and the Cape Cod area. In 2019, Beaulieu ascended to Field Sales Regional Manager, where he now oversees Southeastern Massachusetts.

“NCD has the best programs and categories in our industry and the managers of these categories have given myself and my team the tools and knowledge to succeed in the field,” said Beaulieu.

Christian and Julien Beaulieu

Beaulieu’s leadership and industry excellence didn’t just come from NCD programs — instead, much of his experience and passion derive from his father (right).

“After receiving this award, I couldn’t help but think of my father Julien Beaulieu. He spent 42 years in this industry and taught me so much,” said Beaulieu. “He brought me into this business 17 years ago and he and I worked together at J. Polep for 10 of those years before he retired and unfortunately passed away almost 4 years ago. I miss our two hour drives together to our monthly sales meetings and the conversations we had. I know he is looking down and is proud of me.”

In addition to his father, Beaulieu’s past mentors and current team members have supported him throughout his growth.

“I am extremely proud of this award! I have a ton of respect and admiration for all of the managers here in the North. With that being said, it was truly an honor when each of them reached out personally to congratulate me. Each of them has helped me since becoming a manager,” said Beaulieu.

“I could not be the manager I am without my team! The sales reps in my district continue to respond and react to the changes in the industry and always rise to the occasion. I am very proud of how we all work together to get to our goals.”

Like Beaulieu, Troilo demonstrates his enthusiasm and commitment to NCD each day. After joining NCD’s Farmingdale Distribution Center in 2014 as a Field Sales Regional Manager, Troilo has continued to excel in servicing the Southern New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania region.

“It’s an honor to be recognized as Manager of the Year in the Central Division when you have a group as talented as we do,” said Troilo. “In my experiences the support we receive from management and all departments at NCD is second to none. I’d like to thank my sales team because without their hard work and dedication this would not be possible.”

As a longtime industry professional, Troilo is not only a role model to his sales team, but also to his son, Nick Troilo, who is following in his father’s footsteps as a sales consultant at NCD.

NCD is heavily influenced by the family businesses from which it came. The Beaulieu’s and the Troilo’s are preserving this very legacy by utilizing family values as their driving force for success.

Lou Troilo