By Maggie Gioia | Marketing Coordinator

According to a study from the National Confectioners Association, 86 percent of Americans report that they will share a gift of chocolate and candy on Valentine’s Day. As the top location for consumers to grab their favorite treats, Valentine’s Day is a massive opportunity for convenience stores to supply in-demand products for couples — and chocolate-craving singles — everywhere. Here’s how to get your store Valentine’s Day ready.

KitKat Strawberry Dark Chocolate Duo

KitKat Strawberry and Dark Chocolate Duos

Hershey’s is timeless. Founded in 1894, Hershey’s has been crafting their sweets for more than 125 years. Amidst their high-quality array of Valentine’s Day inspired confections such as their iconic Kisses or Reese’s Peanut Butter Hearts, you’ll find a new Valentine’s Day tradition. Just released this past January, KitKat Strawberry and Dark Chocolate Duos create a decadent combination of all the sweetness and flavor of a chocolate-covered strawberry, with the added crunch of their legendary, crispy, cookie center. Their layers of natural tasting strawberry crème and dark chocolate form a balanced and full-bodied treat that is sure to delight customers. With multiple five-star reviews, KitKat Strawberry and Dark Chocolate Duos are as romantic as Valentine’s Day chocolates can get.


Valentine’s Day means date night for many of your customers. Capitalize on that first kiss by helping them prepare with fresh breath from Mentos. Founded in 1932, Mentos has been a c-store staple for nearly a century. Their 50 piece curvy bottles of Pure Fresh Mint Gum, Pure Fresh Spearmint Gum, and Pure White Gum in Sweet Mint are essential in achieving that long-lasting, just-brushed feeling, giving your customers an extra boost of confidence and you an extra boost of sales. Mentos’ website says it best:

“There’s nothing like a Mentos kiss! With a variety of innovative candies and gums, there is always the right product to experience the kiss of your life!”

Stocking gum on or near the checkout counter is an effective strategy for capturing an impulse buy, and with confectionary sales leading up to Valentine’s Day expected to top $3.4 billion, it’s a no-brainer to include Mentos in your lineup. 

Mentos Core Three
Dove Milk Chocolate Bar

Dove Milk Chocolate

Nonetheless, classic chocolate is still important to keep on hand — turn it up a notch with Mars’ luxurious Dove Chocolate. For more than a century, Mars has been responsible for the production of some of the most popular chocolate names on the market — M&M’s, Twix, Snickers, Milky Way — but Dove is unique. The silky-smooth texture of Dove items is ideal for an indulgent, bold Valentine’s Day experience. Though Dove produces a line of Valentine’s Day items, assist your customers in giving a little something that can be enjoyed beyond the season of love — keep it simple with Dove’s Milk Chocolate Bar. As one of the industry’s leading chocolate bars, Dove is bound to secure customer sales.

Sweetart Conversation Hearts

Need we say more? Sweetart’s Conversation Hearts, or commonly referred to as Sweethearts, have been a Valentine’s Day tradition tracing back to the 1860’s. These colorful, sweet, and sometimes sour, candies embody Valentine’s Day with their cutesy and silly messages. These are a must-have in-store for shoppers of all ages looking to make the perfect Valentine’s Day gift bundle.

Sweetart Conversation Hearts


“Because purchasing chocolate, candy, and other sweets are a common part of celebrating Valentine’s Day, sales in the confectionary sector tend to increase during this time,” said John Quisito, Vice President of Sales at National Convenience Distributors. “Whether consumers are buying a treat for their partner, their kids, or whomever they hold close, they are likely to stop by their local convenient store to acquire these in-demand items.”

In 2021, Valentine’s Day spending reached $21.8 billion. Let National Convenience Distributors help you get in on the action by supplying the sweets your customers need to eat their hearts out this Valentine’s Day.